"Every time we meditate we experience union, we reconnect with our Self. This gives us deep rest, peace and rejuvenation."
Martin Greig: Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation

Martin Greig is a qualified, independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM) who studied and successfully completed the Teacher Training Course with the Meditation Trust in 2016.


Martin now teaches this very simple and effortless meditation technique, completely independent of any organisation, having studied and practiced a variety of meditation techniques for over 30 years. He started by practicing Tai Chi Chaun under Grand Master Dr John Kells, founder of the British Tai Chi Chaun Association, from 1985 and qualified as an instructor in 1997.


Although the daily practice of Tai Chi brings about a wonderful state of well-being, learning and mastering the postures and ‘flow’ of the form requires a lot of patience and perseverance; the two things so many people find difficult to embrace in this busy and challenging world.

"The simple fact is that someone who has been practising TM for many years is definitely no better at meditating than someone who has just learnt!"

In 2005, after speaking to a friend who had just learned TM, Martin decided to take the course himself. He immediately realised how very easy it is to practice this technique and quickly incorporated TM into his daily routine; a few minutes in the morning before breakfast and again late afternoon.


It became clear over the years, meeting and talking to many other meditators, that they have all benefited from their daily practice on so many levels. This reality inspired Martin to become a meditation teacher. As he is teaching independently, he can offer courses in TM affordably and flexibly.


Martin currently teaches in Totnes, Devon.